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We are dedicated to providing businesses with the legal strategies and guidance they need to succeed.  Our services include:

  • Business Sales and Purchase Agreements

  • Commercial Transactions and Agreements

  • Business Entity Creation

  • Breach of Contracts

  • Breach of Fiduciary Duty

  • Arbitration and Mediation

Healthcare Law

Caiaffa Law specially equipped to assist healthcare facilities with the unprecedented concerns related to privacy, electronic health records, cybersecurity and different technologies that are a threat of legal liability. In a daily basis, healthcare providers and businesses are faced with many issues related to patient safety, medical malpractice, and employee disciplinary decisions.

We handle healthcare matters whether it is a defensive or affirmative case, including but not limited to:


  • Federal Torts Claim Act

  • Stark Law Issues

  • Anti-Kickback Statutes

  • Healthcare fraud defense

  • Medical malpractice defense

Real Estate Law

Experience working with Real Estate Property management companies in Florida. We highly recommend relying on an attorney for the closing process. Doesn’t matter if it is a Residential or Commercial property, the process is extremely complicated as far as the language and the interpretation of all clauses. Caiaffa Law Office has a network that will provide you with the right guidance and protection when it matters the most.  We have expertise in complex real estate transactions, evictions, and landlord-tenant disputes.

Intellectual Property Law

Caiaffa Law Office will provide its clients with the tools necessary to keep exclusionary rights in their inventions and deter competing claims. An individual who has invented a new and useful machine, process, or composition of matter is permitted to obtain from the government limited exclusionary rights to protect the invention by prohibiting others from practicing the invention without the inventor's permission.  The legal document that conveys this limited exclusionary right and provides for the public disclosure of the invention is a United States Letters of Patent, commonly referred to as a patent. Innovations are more and more considered part of the base of the world's economy. There are numerous benefits to the protection and promotion of intellectual property concepts. A strengthened belief in intellectual property regulations will improve trade between nations and a smoother impact from fast globalization.

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